Feb 012015
David Gilmour

David Gilmour 2015 – New Album and Tour perhaps

David Gilmour’s new album 2015 has been in the making for a good while now and is rumoured to feature many of the old faces from the last album On An Island, and why wouldn’t it?

Anyway, David has been in the studio recently with none other than pianist Jools Holland. David’s wife Polly Samson put a photo on instagram showing David Gilmour at work on his new album with Jools Holland recording in the other room.

David has said he thinks the album will be ready for 2015 in a Rolling Stone magazine interview last year so watch this space.

It is also very likely that David Gilmour will tour possibly in 2015 as he said he would like to play some slightly smaller venues. These are a lot more intimate and can take the form of a much less technical show in terms of its scale and grandiosity. When you are getting a bit older and its definitely more about the music these days then why not! Listening to Echoes live in the dark in a small venue would be preferable to other songs in much light!

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